Tuesday, November 30, 2021



If you live near Booterstown, or if you reach us through our website, you are welcome to join us in whatever way you can.

Our aim is to bring the people of God to eternal life

  • Through the teachings of Jesus Christ
  • By means of worship, example, witness, formation and caring
  • Through Christian spirituality
  • By contributing to the creation of a sense of community within the parish
  • By promoting peace and co-operation in the wider community
  • Through care of our planet, Earth.



Mass in-church attendance limited to 200 and via WEBCAM 
Mass is recorded and available online for 24 hours after mass

Weekend Masses – Mass times revert to the original times of Saturday Vigil at 6 o’clock. Sundays: 9.00 am and 11.00 am.

Weekday Mass at 10.00am is celebrated in public with a maximum attendance in the church of 200 and via WEBCAM

NO 10.00 am Mass on a Mondays.

Eucharistic Adoration is on Tuesday’s commencing at 10.30 am until 10.00 pm.

Parish Office: The Parish Office is closed on Mondays.
Normal hours – Tuesday to Friday inclusive, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Confessions: Please contact Fr Gerry directly to make arrangements

Please refer to local church websites directly for their current mass schedules & guidelines during this time. Our Parish Mass Times can be viewed here


Donate button on website
Donor, please sign in rather than proceed as a guest. This means we can acknowledge your donation and claim tax, if applicable.

Booterstown Parish relies upon your financial support to run various services within the Parish and to maintain the Church. If you would like to make a donate you can contribute in a number of ways:

  • By filling out a Standing Order form and committing to a regular payment – monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually.
  • By clicking on the DONATE button. This will bring you to a number of options. You can donate directly to Parish funds AND/OR donate to Diocese’s funds, which are usually done through the collections at Mass.
  • You can also of course call in to the Parish Office and make a contribution there.

If you contribute €250 or more per annum, we can claim back tax from the Revenue if you complete a Form CHY3For example: a payment of €250 enables us to claim back an additional €112.32. A payment of €1,000 enables us to claim back €449.27. Further information is outlined on the form.

Without your support it would not be possible to keep the Church and the Parish Pastoral Centre open. We are extremely grateful for any donation that you can make. If you are able to commit to a regular contribution, our preference is that you complete the Standing Order form.

We really appreciate your support at all times but especially at this challenging time. Thank you, take care, stay safe and God Bless.