Christmas Masses Now Fully Booked

timetable of christmas masses 2020

The Christmas Masses are fully booked now. Some Parish Council members, together with the Parish Team, met during the week and endeavoured to be as pastoral and as fair as possible in their efforts to adhere to the Mass requests of all those who returned forms. It was a marathon and unenviable task and I am particularly grateful to those who did trojan work in compiling spread sheets and phoning the individuals and families who returned forms.

Some Masses were particularly oversubscribed, in particular the 5.00 pm Christmas Eve Mass and the 11 am Mass on Christmas Day as these are particularly suitable for young families and also for senior citizens.

We are very grateful to those who showed willingness, generosity and flexibility in taking their second choice of Mass and who were happy to be accommodated in the Pastoral Centre within the approved numbers, as we are restricted to 50, the number of people permitted in the church.

All Christmas Masses will be transmitted on the parish webcam

Please Note: The 10 am weekday Mass will be celebrated from Monday – Thursday inclusive, this coming week. There is some availability to attend 10 am Mass on Monday – but we ask our regular 10 o’clockers not to attend on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of this week as many parishioners are choosing to make the weekday Mass on one of these days as their Christmas Mass visit, in order to leave space for those who wish to attend for Christmas Mass before 27th December.

Christmas Mass Attendance Notice from the Archbishop and Public Health Authorities
The Archbishop and the public health authorities continue to express their concern that people adhere to the Public Heath Guidelines for the Health, Safety and wellbeing of
all. The Archbishop emphasises that no one should feel under pressure to attend Mass. There is no obligation to attend Christmas Mass, while the current Public Health recommendations are in place.

Should you wish to attend, your Christmas attendance will be fulfilled by attending Mass any day in the week leading up to Christmas or before Sunday 27th December, or by watching Mass on the parish webcam or on Television.

However, should you wish to make a visit to the church at a quiet time, please do so. We are encouraging families to watch Mass over the webcam, and to then to make a visit to the church, light a candle, and visit the crib, saying the suggested prayers that will be displayed at the Crib.