Concerned about Climate Change?

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Concerned about Climate Change in Booterstown? Want to do something about it?
Want to know your own Carbon Footprint so you can? So do we!

Please join us in completing our very own Booterstown Climate Change questionnaire which will identify our own unique carbon footprints. An important first step is identifying our starting point so by knowing yours, you can take your own steps to make positive changes. Our questionnaire will be easy to understand and complete. You will be able to see your individual results using the unique reference number on your questionnaire.

Additionally, an Information Evening will be held in January in the Pastoral Centre with expert guest speakers highlighting small but positive changes we can all make to help make a difference in our own lives and in our community. Completion of questionnaires will be possible in writing and by email.

Committee members will have more information and will hand out questionnaires after Mass on 16 & 17th November and 23 & 24th November. If you wish a copy by email, please email and a copy will be emailed by return. Thank you in advance for your interest and your participation.