Contributions to Parish running costs

Parish Dues Envelope Booterstown Parish

The Priests of the Parish, Fr. Gerry Kane, P.P. and Monsignor Seamus Conway, P.E. acknowledge with gratitude the Easter Offerings and Contributions to Parish Funds which have been sent in to the parish.

As Mass is being celebrated behind closed doors at present due to the Covid-19, no church collections can take place.

If you would like to contribute to the Running Costs of the parish, it will be greatly appreciated. Contributions may be made by the following means:

  • Complete and return a Standing Order Form to the Parish. The Standing Order form may be downloaded here, it can be emailed to you, if you email a request to the parish office, or it can be posted to you by telephone request to the Parish Office Tel +353 (0)1 283 1593. Hard copies of the Standing Order form are also available in the church porch.
  • Contributions to the Running Costs of the Parish may be made by monthly envelope enclosing a cheque payable to Booterstown Parish or cash offering. Please telephone the Parish Office for a box of 12 X monthly envelopes.
  • Contributions to the Running Costs of the Parish may be made by Envelope Offering (in church porch) and returned to the Parish Office or the Presbytery.