Covid Guideline Update & Sunday Mass Obligation

Coronavirus Updates for church services

We respectfully ask that those attending Mass continue to exercise responsibility for their own health and safety and for that of their fellow parishioners:

    • Please arrive in good time to ensure you are seated before Mass begins.
    • Please leave a metre between yourself and the person sitting next to you.
    • Sanitise your hands on entering the church and again before receiving Holy Communion.
    • When the church is full, you will be directed to the Gallery. When that is full, you will be redirected to the Pastoral Centre.
    • Our Ministers of Welcome and volunteers are doing their best to ensure that everyone is safe, seated, and comfortable. We greatly appreciate their assistance and your goodwill.


  • May we remind you of the continual need to observe the Health & Safety measures in place when attending Mass or Adoration. As you can see, the bench ties are in place again as people need to feel safe in the church. We request that those seated in the gallery return to their seat after Communion rather than wait at the back of the church for the Final Blessing. Should anyone feel uneasy, please do not feel embarrassed or hesitate to move to another seat!
  • The increasing numbers of people who are in hospital and in ICU are reflective of the
    contagion of this Virus. Archbishop Farrell has dispensed with the Sunday obligation to
    attend Mass at present, so if you feel nervous or any way vulnerable, you are encouraged to remain at home and watch Mass on the webcam or attend a quiet, weekday Mass.
  • Due to the gravity of the situation and in adherence to Public Health Advice, the Monday Meditation Group, the Friday Bridge and the Adult Choir have decided not to continue with their respective activities until the New Year when it will hopefully be safe to resume.