Covid Restrictions Lifted

Coronavirus Updates for church services
From 6am on Saturday 22 January, the following restrictions will be removed:
  • guidance in relation to household visiting
  • capacity restrictions for indoor events, including weddings & funerals

You will notice that the ropes have been removed from every second row of seats. Those
attending church ceremonies are respectfully requested to continue to exercise courtesy
and respect by maintaining social distancing when choosing their seat.

Please do not sit immediately beside, in front of, or behind another person, unless you are in a family unit. We have noticed that it is very disconcerting for those, who are already seated, if a latecomer arrives and sits very near them.

Once Mass has commenced the “Church is full” sign will be placed in front of the entrance door and those arriving late to Mass will not gain admittance.

We continue to ask you to follow public health guidelines by sanitising your hands and mask wearing will still be required in the church and the pastoral centre.