Easter Sunday – the Resurrection of the Lord

Easter crosses

The Priests of the Parish, Fr. Gerry Kane, P.P. and Monsignor Seamus Conway, P.E. wish you all the blessings of this Easter Season.

To Testify to your Resurrection:

May your be blessed, Lord, Jesus, you who call us to testify to your Resurrection unto the ends of the earth! But come to our aid, so that our testimony may be worthy of you. You wish us to proclaim that you are living though we ourselves fear death. You wish us to announce your light, though we grope in the darkness.
You command us to speak with authority, through we stutter in ignorance before your mystery. You wish us to affirm your free gift of mercy for all, though we beg for it, first of
all, for ourselves. You wish to make us God’s assistants, though we carry the weight of our
own fatigue. Can anything make so many contradictions work together as your love alone….
A love which calls us in spite of our faults, which gives us confidence in spite of our
unfaithfulness! To you be glory, O Christ, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, forever.


Mass Updates for Next Week
Easter Monday – No Weekday Mass on Monday 22nd April. The church will not be open that day.
Weekday Mass: There will be one morning Mass at 10.00 o’clock from Tuesday 23rd –
Saturday 27th April inclusive.

LITURGY NOTES: Eucharistic Adoration will not take place on Tuesday, 23rd April.