Funeral Attendance Updates & Recently Deceased


Funeral attendance: the number of mourners permitted at funerals is permitted to have attendance of up to 50% of the venue’s normal capacity, which for our church is 200. Attendance at wakes in private homes and at funeral homes is for family only.

A gentle reminder that family gatherings following the celebration of the Sacraments should strictly adhere to prevailing public health advice on household mixing, including visitors to your home and indoor and outdoor dining.

Recently deceased for the week of 19th September: Evelyn McArdle, Mamie Clancy, Ben Salia, John Keegan, Lar Lawless, and, Jerry Ryan, a former barman in Gleeson’s; We remember two sisters of the late Dessie Murphy, Bernadette Brennan and Maura Murphy, who both died in America during the past year and whose ashes were buried from this church on Saturday.
Anniversaries at Mass this weekend –
Vigil 6.00 pm: Patricia Semple, Michael MacNamara.
9.00 am: Vera O’Connor (1 st A).
11.00 am Manus Duff (1 st A); Liam Ryan.

We remember those whose anniversaries occur at this time: Fergus Rowan, Seamus
Kirrane, Mary Maher, Pat Campbell, Hop Montgomery, and Paschal Lyng, brother of Paul,
whose First Anniversary will occur on Tuesday.

Recently deceased for the week of 12th September: Fr. Oliver Crotty, Co-Parish Priest of St. Kevin’s Church, Glendalough; Mamie Clancy, Aidan Kelly, and, Nora Holland.
Month’s Mind: Vigil Mass: We remember Mary Flood, who died on 12th August, her brother-in -law, Bob Spalty, who died recently in America, her sister, Phyllis, whose Anniversary occurs and deceased members of the Knowles Family.
Birthday Remembrance: 9.00 am: Maura O’Malley, who would have been 100 years on 8th September.
Anniversaries at Mass this weekend –
Vigil 6:00 pm: Helen Moran (4th A).
11.00 am Cecil Dowdall remembering his wife, Iris.

Recently deceased for the week of 5th September: Elizabeth (Iris) Barrett, Deansgrange; Sean Hanley, Seafield Road.
Anniversaries at Mass this weekend –
Vigil 6:00 pm: Phil Callender (4th Anniversary) remembering her husband, Tom; Helen Moran (4th Annviersary).
9.00 am Michael Fitzsimons.
11.00 am Paddy Keogh (1st Anniversary); Tom O’Reilly.

Recently deceased: Eleanor Dunne, late of Seafield Crescent, who died on 5th July and who is remembered at the Vigil Mass
Anniversaries at Mass this weekend –
Vigil 6:00 pm: Declan Grehan (1st Anniversary), remembering his wife Alicia; Tessa and Michael O’Donnell.
9.00 am Sabina Murtagh (6 th Anniversary); Dermot McCaffrey.
11.00 am Bill & Eileen Lennox; John Cullinan (39 th Anniversary); Rafael & Gladys Hoey
We remember those whose Anniversaries occur at this time: Evelyn Barrett, Tess Doolan, Sheila Carroll. We remember our Pastoral Emeritus, Monsignor Seamus Conway, who retired as Parish Priest in 2012, and whose First Anniversary occurred on 26th August.

Mon Seamus Conway P E Remembrance card

Recently deceased for the week of 22nd August: Teresa (Tess) O’Brennan, Stephen Doorly, Mount Merrion; Rory Jones, and Sr. Laurena McCormack, (9.00 am), Mercy Sister.
Vigil 6:00 pm: Remembrance Mass for Mary Mooney, who died in April
Anniversaries at Mass this weekend –
Vigil 6:00 pm: Rose Shields (1st A).
9.00 am: Bertie & Ellen Rutledge
11:00 am: Margaret O’Doherty, Gorey (1st A).
Anniversaries at this time: Dympna McNulty (12th A); Joan Small and her son, Dan, also remembering Gus and Charlie; Phylomena Dunne (1st A), Katherine Dunn (8th A).