Happy New Year & Thank You!

Christmas Thank You

The Priests of the Parish Fr. Gerry Kane, P.P. and Monsignor Seamus Conway, P.E., wish
parishioners and friends of the parish a very happy, blessed and peaceful New Year.

Thank you: our church is looking so beautiful during this Christmas Season. Many thanks to all those who are responsible for this, including our Sacristan, Paul Lyng, who designed and decorated the lovely Crib. Paul also erected the Christmas Memory Tree. He was assisted and supported by the members of the Altar Society (church Flower Committee) who were responsible for the decoration of the church, arranging the wreaths on the church pillars and the exquisite displays of flowers adorning the main Altar, pulpit and side Altars.

We extend grateful thanks to the Altar Society ladies for all their preparatory work in preparing the Memory Tree name tags. In November they began cutting out name tags and inserting the red ribbon ties in preparation for the many name tags required. There must be almost 1,000 names on the Memory Tree – each tag represents a loved one, living or deceased, at home or abroad, written in our hearts.

We are very grateful to all those who help to maintain our beautiful church. Thank you also to those who assisted with stewarding at Christmas Masses for ensuring the health and safety of all those attending the church.