Invitation to Grandparents

chatting to grandparents via computer

On Thursday, January 26th, as part of Catholic Schools’ Week, children from the schools will take part in the liturgy of the Mass to celebrate the role of grandparents in handing on the faith. We warmly invite grandparents to attend 10:00 a.m. Mass and to join us for
refreshments in the Pastoral Centre, after Mass.

Grandparents who do not live near the church are invited to join us on the church webcam. Prayer leaflets with creative prayer ideas for parents and grandparents will be available at the back of the church.

In a recent Apostolic Letter, Pope Francis refers to the influence of grandparents in faith
formation for the next generation.: “I have in mind parents, or even more perhaps,
grandparents, but also our pastors and catechists. Many of us learned the power of the
gestures of the liturgy from them, as, for example, the sign of the cross, kneeling, the
formulas of our faith. Perhaps we do not have an actual memory of such learning, but
we can easily imagine the gesture of a larger hand taking the little hand of a child and
accompanying it slowly in tracing across the body for the first time the sign of our
salvation. Words accompany the movement, these are also said slowly, almost as if wanting to take possession of every instant of the gesture, to take possession of the whole body:
“In the name of the Father… and of the Son… and of the Holy Spirit…. Amen.”

And then the hand of the child is left alone, and it is watched repeating it all alone, with help ready nearby if need be. But that gesture is now consigned, like a habit.