Liturgical Season of Lent & Resources


The Liturgical Season of Lent commenced last Wednesday. Many thanks to the members of the Liturgy Committee and some additional volunteers who were present in the church during the day to facilitate those collecting Blessed Ash for family members and friends. We heard a new Liturgical term: “Take Away Ash”. This pastoral outreach was greatly appreciated and it was lovely to see so many people calling throughout the day.

We have a number of resources available for your to help you through Lent at home. The church is open daily from 10.30 am (10.45 on Sundays) until about 5.00 pm. We invite you
to call in for personal prayer during the day. So please come in and spend some time, if possible, during Lent. For anyone that would like confession at this time, please contact the parish office to make arrangements in relation to Confession.

Lent 2021- Our Hope Renewed – A resource for families and/or people at any stage in life to help us to renew our Hope and to connect with God and with each other during this Lenten Season. Lent 2021 Our Hope Renewed

We invite you to use the Acts of Love for Lent, along with your family, to focus on ways that you can make a small difference daily to the Earth during this time. Acts of Love for Lent