Liturgical Season of Lent


The Liturgical Season of Lent began on Ash Wednesday. At this time of the year we enjoy the extra daylight as the days grow longer. Our word “Lent” comes from “to lengthen” and was an old English word for Springtime. Lent is meant to be a positive journey of Faith and not just giving things up! Consider calling in to Eucharistic Adoration or attending the series of talks on Celtic Christian Spirituality. Trócaire boxes (enveloped) are available.

Lenten Prayer: O God of the Poor, help us to rescue the abandoned and forgotten of this
earth who are so precious in your eyes. God of Love, show us our place in this world as
channels of your love for all the creatures of this earth. God of Mercy, may we receive your
forgiveness and convey your mercy throughout our common home. Praise be to you. Amen.