Mass Collections

empty baskets

On the 7th of August, at the 11am Mass celebrated by Archbishop Dermot Farrell, we reintroduced the basket collections, at the request of the Diocese.

Apologies to all for the lack of notice but it was an opportunity to see how we might revert to the pre-covid practice. Over the last 2 years, we have experimented with various alternative means of contributing such as the tap & go machines at the back of the church, the red & blue buckets, envelopes, and Direct Debit Payments.

We are currently reviewing all methods to establish the most efficient way for parishioners to contribute to both the Parish and the Diocese. One of these may be the reintroduction of basket collections but to do this, we require some additional volunteers for collecting at Masses and for counting and banking the monies during the week.

If you have feedback for us or would like to get involved, please contact the Parish Office at