Corpus Christi Missalettes Sunday June 14

Eucharistic adoration

As it is recommended not to use Missalettes in future, the following resources
are available:

  1. Glenstal Sunday Missal, available from Veritas at €9.95 plus postage.
  2. God’s Word 2020 contains all the readings for 2020, Sundays, weekdays and Saints Days in
    addition to short reflections for each day and an inspirational quotation. It is published by St. Paul’s and is available from the Divine Master Liturgical Centre on Newtownpark Avenue.
  3. The Magnificat, available from the Irish Catholic Office, Merrion Square. Subscription for 6 the months costs €30. The Magnificat Adoration Companion is available from the same office at a cost of €9.99 including postage.

Missalettes for this week’s Mass – 14 June 2020