Monthly Envelope Planned Giving

Parish Dues Envelope Booterstown Parish

If you are not computer literate or technically adept, you might like to contribute using the method of monthly envelopes. Small boxes of 12 monthly envelopes are available from the church porch and can be returned monthly to the Parish Office. It is important to notify the Parish Office by phone of the pre-numbered box you have taken – so as your donations can be attributed to you and we can thank you!

Donations to Parish Funds: On behalf of the parish Finance Committee, we extend our sincere appreciation to all those who continue to send in Christmas Dues or contributions to Parish Funds. We have noticed that some parishioners have sent in contributions using on-line banking. It will be very helpful to us if you can ensure that your name is recorded on the on-line transfer as it will enable us to thank you personally, as well as ensuring that the donations can be taken in to account when we are making our annual charities tax claim with Revenue.