November is Remembrance Month

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November is Remembrance Month when we celebrate three specific feasts
around the theme of death:

1st November – All Saints, when we remember all the saints who do not have their own day on the calendar. These are the saints known to all of us but who might never be known to the world. Mass on 1st November: 10am and 7.30pm. Vigil Thursday at 7.30pm.

On 2nd November we celebrate All Souls when we remember all the dearly departed friends and family. We also remember those who have no one left to pray for them and those who have died alone, unknown to anyone. Mass will be at 10am on 2nd November.

The Feast of All the Saints of Ireland is celebrated on 6th November when we specifically remember our own great heroes of inspiration, without whom the Faith would not have survived and thrived in our own land and in our own homes. Even if we each only set aside a few minutes this month to pray for the dead, it would be a very noble and holy exercise – we remembered them in life, and let us not forget them in death.