Our Story

facade-smallOur parish dates back 400 years to 1616. The present church building is over 200 years old. The original parish boundary stretched from Irishtown, through Donnybrook, Milltown, Churchtown, to Rathfarmham, to the top of the Three Rock Mountain, down through Sandyford, Brewery Road, taking in Dundrum, Stillorgan, Galloping Green, down Newtownpark Avenue, up Stradbrook Road to Rockfort. From there it stretched across to Seapoint and back along the coast to Irishtown/Ringsend. *

Due to persecution of Catholics and nonconformists, it was not possible to construct a church building at that time. The foundation stone for our present church was laid on 6 August 1812, and the completed church was consecrated by Dr John Thomas Troy OP, Archbishop of Dublin, on Sunday, 15 August 1813. The church was built on a site adjacent to a Mass House of penal times.

verschoyle-smallA marble tablet can be seen on the left wall of the church to the memory of Mrs. Barbara Verschoyle. It commemorates the lady who persuaded Richard Lord Viscount Fitzwilliam to build a church for his Catholic tenants at Booterstown.

Our parish was known as St. Mary’s until the declaration of the Dogma of the Assumption by Pope Pius XII in 1950. Since then it is known as the Church of the Assumption.

In 1787 the parish of Donnybrook was constituted from Booterstown, Dundrum in 1878, Blackrock in 1922 and Merrion Road in 1964.

organ-smallOur organ was built by Jack White and installed in 1871 at a cost of £300. Today, we continue the 400-year-old tradition established in Booterstown, with a vibrant community. Many of our parishioners  volunteer their services in some 30 active groups, providing pastoral and community services for all ages from the very young to the very elderly.pastors-small

Pastors who served our parish are remembered on the right-hand wall of the church.


* Cf Donal McGahon, “Parish of the Assumption Booterstown, Celebrating 200 Years of Worship”