Pastoral Centre



Something Great is Happening! Booterstown Pastoral Centre is opening in late 2018.

Work on our new Parish Pastoral Centre commenced immediately after Easter and is progressing well.  We plan to open before Christmas 2018. Please watch here for updates.

Our Centre will have a new entrance beside the Church. To facilitate the development the Sacristy has been moved to the area behind the Altar. Over the Sacristy there will be a wonderful theatre which will seat up to 50. We will also have an Informal Meeting Area and an open space upstairs suitable for youth events as well as many other uses.

When the Centre opens it will have a wonderful theatre which will seat up to 50 and have state of the art communications facilities. We can hold conferences and seminars in this space and anticipate that it will be in high demand.



On the ground floor there will be a space that will be suitable for informal meetings and gatherings. It will contain a coffee dock which can be used to cater for teas and coffees after Mass on Sundays, group get-togethers and other meetings.


The entrance to the Centre will be beside the Church providing easy access for all including those with decreased mobility. There will be toilet facilities which will be accessible during all ceremonies in the Church.



Currently the Parish Youth Club is housed on Grotto Avenue off the Rock Road. We plan to move all the appropriate activities to the Pastoral Centre and accommodate them on the top floor of the building.



Booterstown has many schools and young families. There has been an expression of interest in a service that would look after children before and after school – a ‘wraparound service’. We are seeking expressions of interest from potential providers of this service which could be accommodated in the upstairs area too.



A big THANK YOU to all who have already contributed. If you have yet to do so, please do it NOW! As we have arranged funding which we plan to pay off over 3 years we are asking you to please consider making a monthly pledge over those 3 years. We know that it is easier for us all to pay a small amount regularly. Click on HERE for the Donation Form.