Parish Finance and Administration Committee Update


A note from the parish Finance and Administration Committee:
Booterstown Parish relies upon YOUR financial support to run various services within the parish and to maintain the church. YOU can contribute and support your parish in a number of ways:

  • By completing a Standing Order form and committing to a regular payment: monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually. Please download the form
  • By clicking on the Donate button on our parish website, at the top of the Home Page. This will bring you to several options. You can donate directly to Parish Funds and/or to the Diocese for the support of the priests, those in active ministry, or those who are ill or retired. This is the same as contributing to the First Collection at Mass. You also have the option of contributing to the Share (or second) collection.
  • You are welcome to call in person to the Parish Office and make your contribution directly. Parish Office is open from Tuesday to Friday inclusive from 9:00am until 1:30pm

Tax Relief available on Donations:
If you contribute €250 or more per annum, the parish can claim back tax from the Revenue if the Donor completes a Form CHY3 (valid for 5 years) or a Form CHY4 (valid for 1 year). The form may be downloaded from

Example: A payment of €250 enables the parish to claim back an additional €112.32. A payment of €1,000 enables the parish to claim back €449.27.

We are very grateful for all contributions, but if you are able to commit to a regular contribution, our preference is that you complete the Standing Order form.

We always appreciate your support but especially at this challenging time. Thank you, take care, stay safe and God Bless.

Contribution to Parish Running Costs Form