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Many of our Parish Groups offer the opportunity to get involved and volunteer. We invite you to review the various parish groups below and if you would like to get involved please read our guide on how to volunteer in our parish. We would also ask you to review our Safeguarding policies and complete a Volunteer Application Form. If you would like additional information, please contact one of our Safeguarding team: an up-to-date list of group co-ordinators is posted both in the Church porch and in the Pastoral Centre.

Please note that as and from April 27th, and until further notice, the Archdiocese of Dublin has agreed to suspend vetting for volunteers in the following categories: Minister of the Word (readers), Members of adult choirs, Eucharistic Ministers (unless they distribute communion to vulnerable adults in their homes), Hospitality Volunteers.

scootersSafeguarding young people and of vulnerable adults who take part in our parish activities is of paramount concern to us. Adults involved as volunteers in our parish activities are required to complete an Adult Volunteer Application form and a Code of Conduct form, and attend a Safeguarding Information Session every three years. Those volunteers who work directly with young people or vulnerable adults must be Garda Vetted, complete the Adult Volunteer form and Code of Conduct form, and attend a Safeguarding Training Session every three years.

The names of the  Parish Safeguarding Representatives are on display both in the church porch and in the Pastoral Centre, and these representatives can be contacted through the parish office.

Safeguarding policies are reviewed regularly by the Diocese and new elements are added as required.

Confidential-Application-Declaration-Form-for-Parish-Staff-Volunteers (1)

Staff Volunteer Handbook 2021

Parish Safeguarding Representative Handbook.2

Parish Clergy Safeguarding Handbook

Child Safeguarding Policy Statement Booterstown Parish April 2021

Safeguarding Digital Policy Jan 2022

Child Safeguarding Seesaw Digital Portfolio for Sac. Prep. Guid for use

Booterstown Code of Conduct for parish staff and volunteers

Booterstown Application Form for Volunteers

Parish Vetting Invitation Form NVB1 2019

Youth Application and Parental Consent Form

Code of Behaviour for Young People

Anti Bullying Policy

Guidelines for an Away Trip

Archdiocese of Dublin Guidelines on Use of Information Technology


Incident/Accident Reporting Form

Booterstown Parish Groups


Our annual recruitment takes place in late September, followed by training. Application forms are available in the parish centre.

Typically, children are called upon to serve every second week. Albs for use by our Altar Servers are provided by the parish.

We have a strict child protection policy in our parish.

altar-flowers-02One of the joys of Booterstown Parish is the beauty of the Church of the Assumption, often enhanced by wonderful floral arrangements. Members of our Altar Society take care of all the altars in the church and maintain a display of fresh flowers for Sundays and feast days.

They also offer help and advice to brides about floral arrangements and the requirements of the parish concerning these. If you have any questions, please contact the group co-ordinator: an up-to-date list of co-ordinators is posted both in the Church porch and in the Pastoral Centre.
Red floral arrangement on altar

baptism-cover-smallBaptisms are by prior arrangement with the Parish – please phone the Parish Secretary 01-283 1593. Prior booking is essential.

Members of our Baptism Team work in pairs and are responsible for meeting parents and assisting them in preparing for the baptism of their child. The Team hosts a meeting at 8 pm on a Wednesday evening, ten days prior to the day of the Baptism Ceremony. This takes place in our Parish Pastoral Centre (beside the church). For upcoming dates for preparation for Baptism please contact our Parish Secretary on phone 01-283 1593 (9.00 am – 1.00 pm Mon – Fri) or use our Contact Form.

grace-ogormanOur Baptism Team is co-ordinated by Grace O’Gorman.

Baptismal candles are available at a cost €10. Parents and/or Godparents are invited to participate in the ceremony by doing a reading or prayer of the faithful.

candleWhen we have lost a loved one, it can be an invaluable comfort to have someone to talk to, or just to be there. Members of this group have received special training for this work. They are not professional counsellors but can recommend counsellors, if needed.

If you would like to meet with a member of our group, please contact the Parish Secretary on phone  +353 (0)1 283 1593 (9 am – 1.00 pm Mon – Fri) or use our Contact Form.

caring group brochure

It is helpful to let the group know when a parishioner goes into a nursing home or if there is someone who would like to be visited at home.

If you, or anyone you know, would like us to visit, please contact the group coordinator: an up-to-date list of coordinators is posted both in the Church porch and in the Pastoral Centre.

New volunteers to this group are always welcome: as above, please contact the group coordinator or use our Contact Form.

directory-smallThe communications group aims to give parishioners and the wider community a positive awareness of the parish and the nature of its work. Our Parish Newsletter is published weekly throughout the year. As well as printed copies available in the church, it can be read on our website or downloaded. Other activities at our Pastoral Centre are also published weekly on our dedicated microsite and on our Parish Facebook page.

Our brief is to inform parishioners about issues facing the Church both locally and in the wider world; to provide information about the Masses, Eucharistic Adoration, and other ceremonies taking place in our parish church; to report on the work of the many and varied parish groups and to publicise events taking place here, such as special concerts, art exhibitions or sales of work.

We also publish reflective material.  Being ‘techies’ we tend to swap ideas and material via email etc. We don’t have regular face to face meetings. But volunteers are needed throughout the year to help with particular tasks such as addressing and packing envelopes for the Christmas and Easter circulations or delivering the Quarterly.

The Welcome Team are the first friendly faces to greet Mass-goers on arrival in the church porch. They help parishioners access and enjoy church services in a friendly and safe environment. Their work is particularly needed at busy times of the year – especially Christmas and Easter.

If you are interested in joining our Welcome Team, please contact the group co-ordinator: an up-to-date list of co-ordinators is posted both in the Church porch and in the Pastoral Centre, or email us.

eucharistic-adoration-03This group organises a rota of parishioners who volunteer to take their turn at the weekly Eucharistic Adoration at our parish church each Tuesday. This is a time for silent prayer from 10.30 am to 10.00 pm. Regular volunteers come and pray for their committed period of one hour. Everyone is welcome to join in at any time.

New volunteers for our rota are very welcome, as a regular commitment enables us to ensure that the Church is never empty and that no one is in the church without at least three others. If you are not in a position to make a regular commitment, you are still very welcome to come when you can and to sign in as a visitor.


The Aims of the Adult Faith Formation Team are:
(a) To introduce adults to faith, and to the content of the faith.
(b) To enrich and to increase knowledge in faith through theological and faith-related presentations from our team, and through talks and presentations from invited guest speakers.

The dates of all Adult Faith Formation events are posted on the parish website and on the weekly parish newsletter.

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact the group co-ordinator: an up-to-date list of co-ordinators is posted both in the Church porch and in the Pastoral Centre.


be still and know that I am God bannerSilent Meditation takes place every Monday evening (with the exception of bank holidays) in the Parish Pastoral Centre, commencing at 7.30pm and concluding at 8pm. Those attending are asked to be seated before 7.30pm.

grow in love faith formation program logoA parish-based Faith Formation programme for children began in September 2019. The Sunday-morning sessions have been well-received and well-attended. We support the work done by the teachers using the “Grow in Love” religious education programme in schools; and we work with the parents and schools to help the children “grow in the love of God and others”.

As a Registered Charity, No. CHY 7424, our parish is governed by the Charities Act 2009 and the Charities Regulatory Authority. Every parish is required by Canon Law to have a Finance Committee to help the parish priest in the administration of the goods of the parish.

This Committee is an advisory committee. Members are appointed by the Parish Priest and usually serve for a period of three years. The Committee meets monthly.  Reporting to the committee are the Parish Secretary and the Parish Centre Manager.

Image: John O'ReillyEvery year an account of the financial state of the parish is published and members of this group speak at Masses to explain this report to parishioners. The Chairperson is John O’Reilly.

Our parish income is generated, in the main, by way of an Annual Appeal. We are deeply grateful to our parishioners who generously pledge regular contributions to the costs of running the parish.

A significant portion of our parish income is derived from the preparation and submission of CHY2 Revenue Forms and subsequent tax rebates.

cake-sale-06Our appeal is supplemented by fund raising activities such as Cake Sales, Art Exhibitions, an Annual Golf Outing and the activities of the Parish

Expenditure is, in general, earmarked towards the upkeep, maintenance and day to day running costs of all parish buildings including the fabric of the church itself and the Youth Club.  The retention of a Reserve Fund is deemed prudent to cater for future expenditure having regard for the age of the buildings under the stewardship of the committee.

Weekly collections taken at Masses, as well as contributions for Christmas and Easter dues, are sent to the Archdiocese for the upkeep of priests, both active and retired or ill, and the Share collection to assist parishes who are in need of assistance.

An up-to-date computer system has been installed to ensure accurate records of all income and payment systems or simply click on our donate button on the homepage.

If you would like to contribute to our parish, the following are our Bank details:

Account Name: Booterstown Parish

Bank of Ireland, Merrion Road, Dublin 4.

IBAN IE60 BOFI 9012 1258 0177 37     BIC BOFI IE 2D

Donors are asked to ensure they include their name in the payment reference for our administration purposes and so that we can acknowledge donations.

support-teamMembers of the Funeral Support Team usually work in pairs, and are present, with the Priest, at the door of the Church when the funeral arrives. With lighted candles they lead the cortège to the altar.

If the Reception is on the evening before the Funeral Mass, they will do a reading, lead a decade of the rosary and, of course, sympathise with the bereaved.

Bereaved families are helped by the Priest or the funeral team to choose readings for the funeral Mass.

If you would like to print a memorial booklet, we can send you a Template in MS Word. Funeral arrangements are posted on our website and if a family wishes to include a tribute to their deceased loved one, this can be added.

legion-altarOur Parish Conference of the Legion of Mary meets at 10.30a.m. each Wednesday in our Parish Pastoral Centre.

Activities include sale of Catholic Papers in the Church porch every Friday and Saturday after Mass. They also do home visits and when necessary hospital or nursing-home visits to people they have been visiting in their homes.

This group also acts as the centre for the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association.

New members are always welcome! If you are interested in joining our team, please contact the group co-ordinator: an up-to-date list of co-ordinators is posted both in the Church porch and in the Pastoral Centre.

Frank Duff Prayer Group: Inspired by the founder of the Legion of Mary, Frank Duff, they meet in the Parish Centre on the 3rd Tuesday of each month for prayer, at 3 pm, followed by a cup of tea. All are welcome, whether as members or just dropping in for an occasional visit.

paschal-candleThis Group oversees liturgical planning for the year. Working closely with the parish clergy, we are also constantly in liaison with the following parish groups:

  • Altar Servers
  • Altar Society
  • Baptismal Team
  • Children’s Choir
  • Children’s Liturgy
  • Adult Choir

We believe the integration of music and art into our liturgy is very important.

We prepare the Prayer of the Faithful for our Sunday Masses, including prayers related to the current the needs of our country and of the world. Prayer of the Faithful, for this week, may be viewed on the Home Page.

liturgy-patricia-and-catherineAs well as preparation for the major liturgical seasons of the year, we are also called upon to prepare liturgies for special occasions such as Blessing of Schoolbags at the beginning of each school year, Anointing of the Sick, Advent and Lent Reconciliation Services, etc.

Current Ministers of the Liturgy Rosters


The Liturgy group maintains strong links with the other Christian communities in the area. Highlights include World Day of Prayer, in March, and Ecumenical Prayer around the Cross, on Good Friday.

eucharistMinisters of the Eucharist help distribute the Eucharist at all Masses and bring the Eucharist to people who are housebound or ill. They are commissioned by the Parish Priest for a period of three years. Each month a rota is prepared and published online or may be collected from the Sacristy or Parish Office. Current rosters are:

Minister of Eucharist Roster Aug22 Weekends

Ministers of the Eucharist are invited to attend an annual day of reflection to encourage and assist them in their Ministry.

Men and women from the parish are invited to serve as Ministers of the Word. They assist us by reading the Scripture at Mass on Sundays, weekdays and at special Masses.

They are commissioned by the Parish Priest for a period of three years.

Every eight weeks throughout the year, a rota is prepared and published online or may be collected from the Sacristy or Parish Office. At Christmas and Easter there are special rotas.


Ministers of the Word are invited to attend an annual day of reflection to assist and encourage them in their ministry.

The Parish Adult and Children’s Choirs lead the congregation in prayerful song at the 11.00 am mass each Sunday in term-time. New members are always welcome.

If you are interested in joining either group, please contact the group coordinator: an up-to-date list of coordinators is posted both in the Church porch and in the Pastoral Centre.

We also enjoy the support of a number of soloists whose music enhances our liturgy.

booterstown adult choir

We are blessed to have six communities of religious men and women located in our parish.

Sisters of Mercy

Sisters of Mercy have been in this parish since 1838 and since then have been part of the backbone of pastoral services provided in Booterstown. We continue to draw on their inspiration and assistance in many ways. Their work in the founding and management of Our Lady of Mercy primary school and other services in the parish is beyond measure. A number of Sisters serve on various parish teams.

Dominican Sisters

The educational role filled by the Dominican Sisters since they first came to Sion Hill in 1840 is legendary. Many parishioners avail of their wide range of courses for adults in faith and human development throughout the autumn, winter and spring months each year. The Dominicans are the donors of the beautiful statue of Our Lady’s Assumption in our parish church.

Medical Missionaries of Mary

The house at Rosemount was the first property of the Medical Missionaries of Mary in Ireland. It was purchased by the foundress, Mother Mary Martin, in the year of their foundation, 1937. Today members of the Congregational Leadership Team live and work there when not travelling to overseas missions. A number of MMM Sisters serve on various parish teams.

Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary came to Booterstown from Killeshandra in 1969. The Congregational Leadership Team and a small supportive community is based at Cross Avenue, from where the administrative work of their overseas missions is co-ordinated. The participation of the Sisters in parish activities is greatly appreciated.

Order of St. Camillus (O.S. Cam)

The Camillian priests came to South Hill Avenue back in 1968. With their special vocation of ministry to the sick, they provide chaplaincy to Dublin hospitals including the Mater, Beaumont, Blanchardstown, St. James’, St. Luke’s and The Hermitage. When their busy rosters permit, they are happy to help with parish Masses.

Spiritan Fathers (formerly known as Holy Ghost Fathers) have been in our parish since 1860 and managing their schools for boys at Willow Park and Blackrock College. When their other responsibilities permit, they are happy to help with parish Masses.

bookshelfOur Parish Spiritual Reading Group began in May 2013, as an initiative set up by the late Monsignor Seamus Conway. We meet on the second Wednesday of each month, 8.00 – 9.30 pm in the Parish Pastoral Centre, and discuss the book we have read.

Once a year we welcome everyone in the parish and beyond to an interactive evening with an invited speaker to discuss a chosen book or topic. Upcoming events are announced on the Upcoming Events panel on the home page.


New members are always welcome! If you are interested in joining our group, please contact the group coordinator: an up-to-date list of coordinators is posted both in the Church porch and in the Pastoral Centre.

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is the core group of the Parish, providing cohesion and support for all other groups. Its role is to ensure that the Parish Vision Statement is being carried into effect and to provide advice to the Parish clergy as appropriate.

Marion Simpson PPC ChairpersonChairperson of the PPC is Marion Simpson. Meetings are held monthly. Members are consulted for their advice on all matters of importance in the parish. Members serve, usually, for a period of three years.

The parish Priest and the parish Secretary are members of this Council along with parishioners who are drawn from different walks of life and are active volunteers in various parish groups.


Parish Pastoral Council Members:
Máirín Benson
Emma Cahill
David Curley
Donal de Buitleir
Parish Priest
Enda Lowry
Corinna O’Donnell
(Parish Secretary)
Marion Simpson (Chairperson)
Sr. Isabelle Smyth, M.M.M.
Eddie Ward


In the Pastoral Outreach Group we ask ourselves two questions: What does the parish mean for our people? What could it be?

We see our task as linking people with the parish, supporting, affirming and involving them. In this, we are especially inspired by the Gospel where it says:  “Little children, let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action.” 1 John 3:18

This group takes responsibility for organising  visits to  approximately 400 homes in the parish each year. These visits are undertaken by volunteers working in pairs. We ask parishioners how they find the parish and how they would like to see the parish develop. Following our visits, a report is prepared for the Parish Pastoral Council and this report guides the work of the Council.

In doing our work we seek to remove any sense of isolation, give a sense of belonging and integration and promote the sharing of ideas and resources. We co-ordinate meetings which bring together all the Parish Groups as required. We also arrange an annual Mass for all those who volunteer their services through the various groups in the parish.


assumption-windowAt 9.40 every morning from Monday to Saturday, a small group recites the Rosary in our parish Church. The quiet, steady rhythm of their prayer can be heard as others are arriving in for the 10 o’clock Mass. The intentions of all those who have written in the Prayer Request Book at the church porch, or prayer intentions requested online, are remembered in the daily recitation of the Rosary.

All are welcome to join in this time of prayer.

20160620_201851 Our parish Social Group helps our community spirit by bringing us together over a cup of tea or coffee in Café 67 in our Parish Pastoral Centre. Hospitality is also provided after Parish events throughout the year.

This group is formed of volunteers who are willing to give a small amount of time on a regular basis. We are always on the look-out to welcome newcomers to the Café 67 team!

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact the group co-ordinator: an up-to-date list of co-ordinators is posted both in the Church porch and in the Pastoral Centre.

society-of-saint-vincent-de-paul-logoThe Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVP) is the largest voluntary charitable organisation of social concern, justice and action in Ireland. The 3 key strands of the work of SVP are offering friendship, compassion and support. Helping people achieve self sufficiency and independence while retaining their dignity and restoring their self worth; identifying structural causes of poverty and need and advocating for their elimination.

SVP Conference in Booterstown

Peter Gilligan SVP societyThe oldest reference to the SVP in Booterstown dates back to 1878 when a bazaar in the parish raised £400 for the work in August that year. Chairperson of our local Conference today is Peter Gilligan. Our aim is to reach out and offer a hand of friendship, compassion and support to help get people back on their feet and back on track and to bring hope for their future.

We help our clients with everything from basic assistance like food, fuel, utility bills to support with education, training and medical bills.

If there is anyone who needs help or knows someone who needs help, we are here to help.

There are three ways to make contact:
1) by approaching the priests of the parish
2) by contacting our parish secretary, Telephone 01-283 1593 (9-1.00 Mon – Fri).
3) by contacting SVP head office on 01-8552222.

All requests are treated with the strictest confidentiality.

09-st-joseph-societyThe purpose of this society is twofold – to promote vocations to the priesthood and to assist financially in the education of students. The parish branch meets on the last Thursday of every month at 10.30 a.m. in the Parish Centre. We pray for vocations and collect contributions from members.

New members are welcome. If you would like to join us, please contact our Parish Secretary, telephone 01-283 1593 (9 am – 1.00 pm Mon-Fri) or use our Contact Form.

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