Parish Pastoral Council follow up on Volunteerism Promotion Weekend

thank you bouquet spring flowers

The Parish Pastoral Council was very pleased with the response to the “Weekend for the
Promotion of Volunteerism for Parish Ministries and Groups”. Members of the Council
remarked on the great atmosphere and sense of energy that was evident in the Café. We extend our deep appreciation to the co-ordinators and to members of the groups who gave their time, energy and talents to setting up their “table”.

A sincere ‘Thank you’ to those who were present on the stands before and after the weekend Masses to discuss the work of their respective ministries and groups. A number of groups received expressions of interest and/or names of those who would like to join.

While you may not have time at present, you might like to consider volunteering for finite tasks such as delivering the forthcoming Easter Cards and timetable or assisting with occasional evening reception duties in the Pastoral Centre.