Parish Pastoral Council – follow up

volunteer hands

The Parish Pastoral Council met via Zoom on Tuesday evening. One of the Agenda items was the Archbishop’s welcome notification in relation to the celebration of First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

To alleviate concerns, avoid doubt and to assist people in planning, the Archbishop confirms that there will be no celebration of Confirmation in the Diocese before Easter. He wishes to allow time for the infection numbers to reduce, schools to reopen, proper parish-based programmes of preparation for these Sacraments to be completed and for our churches to be once again open for public worship. When that happens, the priority will be to celebrate the sacraments for those children for whom that could not happen last year; then candidates for Confirmation currently in 6th Class and then children for First Holy Communion, currently in 2nd class.

Given the size of the church in this parish, it is likely that smaller, more intimate celebrations of these sacraments will take place. The parish will, of course, adhere to the NPHET guidelines of what is permissible.