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Parish Team

Parish Priest
Rt Rev. Ciarán O’Carroll, V.G.

Parish Chaplain:
Fr Anastasius Ezenwata

Paul Lyng

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is the core group of the Parish, providing cohesion and support for all other groups. Its role is to ensure that the Parish Vision Statement is being carried into effect and to provide advice to the Parish clergy as appropriate. The Parish Priest and the parish Secretary are members of this Council along with parishioners who are drawn from different walks of life and are active volunteers in various parish groups.

Marion Simpson PPC ChairpersonThe PPC meets monthly. Members are consulted for their advice on all matters of importance in the parish. Members serve, usually, for a period of three years.

Most of those who serve on the PPC are also members of other parish groups. The Chairperson of the PPC is Marion Simpson.

Current Council Members:
Máirín Benson
David Curley
Donal de Buitleir
Parish Priest
Catherine Martin
Vacant (Parish Secretary)
Sheila O’Malley
John O’Reilly
Marion Simpson (Chairperson)
Sr. Isabelle Smyth, M.M.M.
Eddie Ward

Finance & Administration Committee

As a Registered Charity, No. CHY 7424, our parish is governed by the Charities Act 2009 and the Charities Regulatory Authority. Every parish is required by Canon Law to have a Finance Committee to help the parish priest in the administration of the goods of the parish.
Image: John O'ReillyThis Committee is an advisory committee. Members are appointed by the Parish Priest and usually serve for a period of three years. The Committee meets monthly.  Reporting to the committee are the Parish Secretary and the Parish Centre Manager. Every year an account of the financial state of the parish is published and members of this group speak at Masses to explain this report to parishioners.
Chairperson of the Finance & Administration Committee is John O’Reilly.

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