Monday, November 28, 2022

The Pastoral Centre is a new and welcomed resource for our Parishioners and is at the heart of the Booterstown Parish community. It aims to be a place of welcome for all with the purpose of providing programmes and support services that nuture and promote the spiritual growth of our community and parish.

volunteer handsVolunteering: If you wish to volunteer in the parish or in the Pastoral Centre, please request a Garda Vetting Form and Adult Volunteer Form from the parish office so your paperwork is cleared as soon as possible.
Parish Vetting Invitation Form NVB1 2019

mandatory Safeguarding Training Course is necessary for all new volunteers in the parish.

Additional information on our Safeguarding policies are available here.

Even though we have been running fundraising events, and the car raffle winner has been announced. We still are short of our goal to clear the debt on the Centre. A big THANK YOU to all who have already contributed. If you have yet to do so, please do it NOW! As we have arranged funding which we plan to pay off over 3 years we are asking you to please consider making a monthly pledge over those 3 years. We know that it is easier for us all to pay a small amount regularly. Click on HERE for the Donation Form.

Important Notice for Parents and Guardians in relation to Child Safeguarding: Parents and Guardians should be aware that the Pastoral Centre is a public building and should ensure that their child does not enter the centre unaccompanied. Each child must be accompanied by a parent/guardian when visiting the toilet in the centre or attending parish hospitality.

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