Resuming activities post covid

image: child at church blessing

Sunday Mass at 11:00 am: The Parish is gradually resuming activities which were not possible during the restrictions & this announcement pertains mainly to the celebration of the 11:00 am Mass on Sundays.

It is hopes to resume Formation for children preparing for First Communion. This will take place in the Pastoral Centre for about 30 minutes before 11 am Mass.

Parish Choir: After a two-year absence, the Parish Adult Choir plans to return on Sunday next, 13th March. Rehearsals will commence at 10.15 in the choir gallery. Do come and join them and new members will be made most welcome!

Active involvement in the liturgy of 11 am Sunday Mass will be encouraged in the following ways: we are looking for young people of all ages to sing or to play instruments in the Youth Choir, under the direction of Faye Potts.

Family participation at Mass: Families who attend 11:00 am Mass are invited to contact the Parish Office, a member of the Parish Council or Fr. Gerry if you would like to participate in the liturgy of the 11:00 am Mass by welcoming those attending, Reading the Prayer of the Faithful for Children, or bringing up the Offertory gifts.

Altar Servers: It is also hoped to recruit new Altar Servers, who must be in 3rd class or upwards. If you are interested in participating in any of the above, please leave contact details with the Parish Secretary, specifying your interest. All activities will adhere to strict Child Protection protocols.