Sacraments of Holy Communion & Confirmation Ceremony Updates

boy and girl with first communion candle

Parents/guardians of children attending the parish schools who were due to receive their First Holy Communion in May 2021 are reminded to register their child on the email address which is specifically for this purpose The dates for the ceremonies will be announced when all registrations have been completed.

An Information Letter in relation to First Holy Communion ceremonies for children, who should have made their First Holy Communion in May of this year, or who are due to receive their First Communion in May of next year, has been circulated to the parents and guardians of these children, who are currently pupils in Third Class and in Second Class in our parish schools.

The Confirmation ceremony for parish schools for Confirmation 2020 will be celebrated on Friday, 5th November at 7.00 pm. A letter was emailed to parents and guardians during the past week using a g-mail account and parents are reminded to check their spam mail, if they have not yet seen the email.

Celebration of the Sacraments of Holy Communion and of Confirmation in the parish schools for the Classes of 2021: A letter in relation to the celebration of these Sacraments has been sent to the Principals of Our Lady of Mercy Convent School and St. Mary’s Boys’ National School for circulation to the parents and guardians.

First Holy Communion Updates: The dates for First Holy Communion ceremonies will be advised to parents in due course. At present we are working our way through the Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation ceremonies which could not be celebrated until recently.

We continue to celebrate these ceremonies in small groups, which is very much appreciated by the families, as we are still aware of the importance of maintaining social distancing when all the generations of a family come together to celebrate.