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The Synodal process at Parish level
As you will be aware the Parish has been following the Synodal process for the Dublin Diocese. Meetings took place on Sunday March 27th and Sunday April 3rd.

Those present addressed four questions over the two sessions; The Hopes and Fears for the church and the Joys and Sorrows that were experienced by the participants in the Church today. Those present were asked to record their responses to these questions and then these responses were collected at the end of the sessions.

Many thanks are due to Emma Cahill and Su-zanne Walshe for all their hard work in preparing and running these sessions and collating the material.

The parish synod Animators have collated these responses and have submitted the themes identified to the Diocese, along with all the original responses. We wish to thank all of those that were involved in the Synod Gathering. The feedback for Booterstown Parish is completed & available below.

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