Volunteers for Stewarding Needed

volunteer hands

Volunteers for Stewarding at weekday and weekend Masses:
Our church reopened for the celebration of public Mass on 29th June. This would not have been approved or been possible without the volunteer stewards (whom Fr. Gerry refers to as Guardian Angels). The same volunteers have been present at their respective Masses since 29th June but there is a need for additional volunteers as it is not anticipated that the situation will change in the coming months.

If you can assist our team of committed “Guardian Angels” who oversee the Health & Safety of those attending Mass in our church, we will be very grateful as we cannot expect the same group of people to continue to steward indefinitely. If a good number of people volunteer, the workload can be spread and shared. Stewards will receive training so that they know what is required. Volunteering is a lovely way of offering much needed support to your parish.

If you would like to be involved, please contact Adrienne Hughes, Manager of the Pastoral Centre by email centre@booterstownparish.ie or telephone 01 – 441 9303 any weekday morning.