World Day for Consecrated Life

Image: World Day of Consecrated Life

World Day for Consecrated Life is celebrated in the Church on 2nd February, but Sunday 7th February is the day nominated to celebrate in our parish this year. We are blessed to have several Houses of Religious Orders living in the parish and a prayer for the religious is recited at Mass on Sunday 7th February.

Please pray for the members of the religious orders, living
among us in Booterstown.
Jesus, our great High Priest, hear our prayers on behalf of
these men and women, called to a life of special
Give them a deep faith, a bright and firm hope, and a burning
love which will ever increase in the course of their lives.
In their loneliness, comfort them.
In their sorrows, strengthen them.
In their frustrations, point out to them that it is through
suffering that one is purified.
Show them that they are needed by the Church; they are
needed by the world; they are needed for the work of
O Loving Mother Mary, Mother of Priests and religious, take
to your heart your
children, who are close to you, because of the power which
they have received, to carry on the work of Christ .
Be their comfort, be their joy, be their strength, and
especially help them to live and to defend the ideals of
consecrated life.
We make our prayer through Christ, our Lord, Amen.


This beautiful “Wake up the world” icon was written by Vivian Imbruglia.